LIF - Living In Fitness is a health app start-up that encourages healthy living in individuals. It monitors a person's activity through a smart watch and compiles the information in an easy to read mobile app.

The project started out as a logo exercise but very quickly turned into a branding project that enforces the reasoning behind the design decisions taken for the logo.


Graphic Design | Branding
While the brief was fairly straight forward, I decided to approach the project from a wider perspective. In doing so, the reasoning for the logo is grounded on a stronger foundation.

Logo Sketches: Sketches of the ideation process for the logo. Some inspirations were athletic badges, idea of strength and speed or movement.


To design a logo that symbolizes LIF as a health and fitness brand that caters to corporate clients - encouraging its users to take simple steps to become healthier individuals. At the same, infusing a little fun into the corporate environment.

The style attributes chosen for the logo were:
Modern | Playful | Economical | Geometric | Abstract

Logo Sketches (shown above) shows the early ideation process - some inspirations were athletic badges, idea of strength and speed or movement.

Concept 1 - BOLD

Approaching the brand from its more corporate tone, the logo creates a bolder presence and evokes a sense of strength. The addition of gradient colour adds a “moving” quality to the logo.

concept 2 - HUMAN

Responding to the fitness nature of the product, the logo plays on the idea of movement and leans towards the more playful aspect of the brand.

This is achieved by looking at the logo as a symbol for a human character. By varying the position and orientation of letters "L" and "F", the logo mimics people exercising.

This became a strong branding element throughout all collateral. An example of this can be seen in the Instagram post shown below.