Milkbar Gelato is one of the earliest artisanal gelato brand to open in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2014.

The brief was to create a packaging design that would communicate the brand's unique take on ice-cream. At the same time, the design had to be easily noticeable and memorable such that it will garner curiosity in its young target audience.


Graphic Design | Packaging
The lead time for the project was fairly tight. But I was able to create a well researched concept which laid a great starting point for the concept. Upon submitting 2 variations of colour palette, the client was able to approve the design without much deliberation.

The success of this project shows how important a well-researched idea is.


Researching through the history of ice-cream, the ice-cream cone is known to be the most recognisable methods for serving ice-cream. As such, the design drew its inspiration from this well-accepted history.

Through iterating various sketches, two patterns emerged. The first pattern came from the square waffle-like pattern of the cone, while the second pattern came from the triangular shapes of the cone.


Two colour options were experimented with. One that consisted of a brighter, almost neon-like colour way. While the other came from pastel primary colours.

Concept 1 - squares

Concept 2- triangles