Located in the Indonesian Stock Exchange Building (BEJ) in Jakarta, Indonesia, this project is for the headquarter office of an international bank.

The brief is to repurpose an unused area of the office and combine it with the existing pantry to create a more spacious area for rest and meals for the employees.


Interior Architect | Project Management
Together with another designer, I was involved throughout the whole design process - from designing, to producing documentation drawings and managing the construction process through to completion.

Working with an international bank, I learnt alot about contract negotiations as this was quite a lengthy back-and-forth process with several stakeholders. However, we made use of that time to comb through the preliminary construction document in a very detailed manner. This meant that when it was time to build, the whole process went along very smoothly. As it was a live office, delivering the project on-time within the limited build time was key to the success of the project and the satisfaction of the clients.

Site Photos: 1. Image of a typical house with its pitched roof known as "Joglo". 2. Image of a farmer showing the traditional side of Yogyakarta. 3. Image showing the decorative features and extensive use of wood in a typical house.


In order to maximise the available floor space, the trade room is demolished and a new wall created to create additional storage space. The new layout allowed for a flexible use of the space. It can hold office lunches, casual team meetings and a reading nook.


The material palette is kept to a minimal, basic tone by utilising a combination of timbers, stone and white cabinetry.

Orange touches were added to infuse corporate colours into the space.

Together with the lighting, the materials created a warm ambient to the space which was deliberately done to contrast the cold blue office environment; giving the employees a warm cozy area to take their breaks in.


In order for the flexible use of the space, built-in joinery are kept to the sides of the room. Bulky items such as fridge, bin and water dispenser are hidden within the white cabinetry, giving the room an uncluttered feel.